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Who can join?

A male who is not a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.  and is interested in membership should visit this webpage - Joining Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Alpha Brothers

Any duly initiated members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. in the Alumni Class of Membership as defined in the By-Laws of the General Constitution who provide proof of membership status in The Fraternity, and who have not had their membership suspended or revoked are welcome to join Sigma Mu Lambda Chapter.

All Alpha Brothers are welcome to follow Sigma Mu Lambda through our Portal and Newsletter, and to attend our Chapter Meetings.  You can join the Chapter by applying as an "Alpha Brother".  With this status, you can stay abreast of the activities, events, and accomplishments of the Chapter.  Your membership well be verified using the AlphaMX system provided by the Corporate Headquarters.

If you are interested in holding a position within the Chapter or voting on Chapter decisions, you must:
(1) pay the Chapter Dues, and
(2) be considered Active by the Corporate Headquarters as designated in AlphaMX. 

Upon paying the Chapter Dues, your status will convert to "SML Brother" whereby you receive all the benefits enjoyed by the members of the Chapter.


The fees associated with Membership are:

Annual Chapter Dues   $300    The Fraternal Year begins on September 1st and ends on May 31st.

We ask Brothers to pay their dues by September 30th.

A Late Fee of $15 is assessed for Chapter Dues paid after September 30th.

Dues for the upcoming Fraternal Year can be paid in three (3) installments of $100 each beginning on June 1st.

Brothers who were financial* with another Chapter and transfer to Sigma Mu Lambda receive a credit equal to the amount they paid at the former Chapter (up to $300) and only pay the difference between the two amounts.  This credit applies to the Annual Chapter Dues for the Fraternal Year in which they transfer to Sigma Mu Lambda.  For example, a Brother who paid $250 at their previous Chapter will pay $50 when they transfer to Sigma Mu Lambda. 
         * Financial status will be verified in AlphaMX and through a receipt for payment of dues at the previous chapter.
Senior Brother Discount   50%   Brothers over the age of 65 receive a discount on the Annual Chapter Dues.

Enter the Coupon Code - Senior-Bro-Coupon in the Coupon section of the payment screen.
Grand Tax   $150   Brothers who are not Life Members may choose to pay their Grand Tax to the Chapter and have the Chapter forward their Grand Tax to the Corporate Headquarters.  If you choose to do so, you will see an option to do so during the payment process on the SML Portal.  The annual Grand Tax payment is due by November 15th.  Payments after November 15th are levied a $10 late fee.
National Housing and Building Fund   $100   The National Housing & Building Fund was implemented upon the original erection of the Fraternity's National Headquarters in Chicago, IL back in the 1960s. It was adopted at one of the General Conventions during that timeframe to be added to every initiate fees of the Fraternity as a separate invoice. When the AlphaNET database was created in 2005, it was discovered that many initiates never paid the one time $100.00 fee to support the Corporate Headquarters in Chicago and now Baltimore.

A Brother who does not appear in The Fraternity's database (AlphaMX) and who was initiated before December 31, 1985 must pay this one time fee to be re-activated with The Fraternity.

There are NO EXCEPTIONS or EXEMPTIONS to this fee if you have not previously paid it.

NOTE: You will not appear in the official membership directory of the Fraternity until this fee is paid.